Master Scent List

This list contains all scents that have been offered by Honey Soda Company, and does not necessarily reflect what is currently available.



— A Rainy Day in Ireland: Irish green tweed, patchouli rain, mossen earth, ozone, sandalwood

— Ain't She Sweet: blueberry, blackberry, raspberry sugar, angel food cake, vanilla cream,

— Aloha Weekend: pineapple punch, coconut lime verbena, bamboo and coconut

— Amelie: raspberry sangria, blood orange, marshmallow fluff

— Angel Loops: angel food cake, fruit loops, cold milk

— Antique Books: amber, coriander, tonka, sandalwood, spiced honey



— Banana Pancakes: fresh banana, buttermilk pancakes, maple syrup, warm spices

— Beach Blanket Bingo: blood orange, coconut bamboo, coconut lime verbena

— Beach House: lavender, driftwood, ozone, sea salt, beach towels

— Bedrock Breakfast - lemon poundcake, orange danish, fruity pebbles

— Berry Bliss Cheesecake: blueberries, strawberries, dewberries, creamy cheesecake

— Berry Sangria: red wine, citrus, muddled berries, chardonnay, apple, oak

— Binge Watch: hot popcorn, chocolate cake, melted butter

— Blackberry Cottage: blackberry sage tea, fresh herbs, green leaf accords, white florals

— Blue Jean Baby: blue jean, pink sugar, soft musk, jasmine & patchouli

— Blue Moon: blueberry cheesecake, snickerdoodles

— Boardwalk 1950: strawberry jam, cotton candy, salty sea air

— By the Beautiful Sea: salty sea air, lemon verbena, fresh mint leaf



— Cara Mia: moon lake musk, amber noir, black currant absinthe

— Caramel Macchiato: caramel, espresso, steamed milk

— Carole's Dream: magnolia, jasmine, bergamot, vanilla, black currant, golden amber, coconut

— Central Perk Sofa: hazelnut latte, brazilian coffee, marshmallow fireside

— Clark Gable: Lord of Misrule, teakwood and mahogany, cedar, peppercorn, patchouli, musk

— Coffee Shop: fresh roasted coffee, buttery pastries, maple

— Crunch Berry Cupcake: lemon cake, marshmallows, crunch berry cereal



— Dirty Laundry: fresh cotton towels, cashmere, spearmint, thyme

— Dolly-O Donuts: maple bars, bear claws, fresh coffee

— Dream Lover: black amber, sandalwood, sweet lavender, myrrh, vanilla bean

— Drift Away: lavender driftwood, cucumber water, melon

— Duchess of Bedford: bergamot amber, tea and cakes, spun sugar

— Dublin Wash n Fold: freshly washed Irish linens, green tweed, spring rain



— English Cottage: garden florals, rhubarb, spring rain

— English Country Walk: English gardens, country rain, fresh cut flowers

— Earl Gray & Apple: earl gray tea, spiced apple, dried pear, vanilla



— Fall in New England: fresh apple, maple sugar, lemon juice, hint of bourbon

— Fluffy n' Fresh: fresh cotton towels, cashmere, vanilla

— Funny Face: pumpkin pecan waffles, sugared rose petals, creamy vanilla



— Garden Party - gardenia, green tea, lemongrass, tuberose

— Ginger Zinger: ginger, lemon, white tea

— Gingham Swimsuit: gingham, apple, white florals, crisp lake waters



— Heiress: white chocolate, creamy vanilla, black opium, jasmine & cashmere

— Herringbone: pipe tobacco, cognac, raindrops, black pepper

— Hunk: drakkar noir, bergamot, coriander, sandalwood



— Ice Cream Shoppe: vanilla ice cream, caramelized pralines, palo santo

— Irish Goodbye: Irish cream, coco puffs, coffee bean ice cream

— Island Dreaming: tropical fruits, coconut, plumeria



— Kilty Pleasure: tobacco leaf, rain & oakmoss,  amber & warm spice, sandalwood



— Lavender London Fog: lavender, bergamot, black tea

— Little Dreamer: herbal lavender, white sage, black amber, vanilla musk

— Little Miss Sunshine: lemon poundcake, key lime pie, butter pie crust

— Little Yellow Dress: pink grapefruit, lemon verbena, sun dried cotton

— Love Letters: juicy pomegranate, sugared rose petals, creamy vanilla



— Maple Glazed Blueberry Doughnut: blueberry doughnuts, maple sugar glaze

— Midnight Garden: moonflower, pear nectar, apple, agave, dark musk, powder

— My Special Agent: jelly doughnuts, fresh coffee, blue spruce



— Nampara Cove: black sea, spiced chestnut, golden amber, cardamom, clove

— Not Your Sweetheart: victorian rose, cashmere musk, amber, bourbon vanilla



—Palm Reader: herbal lavender, honeysuckle, black tea

— Palm Springs Laundry: hibiscus palm, sea island cotton

— Paper Moon: fresh picked strawberries, bubbly champagne, flowers

— Pineapple Tiki Whip: pineapple cilantro, gold rum, ocean breeze

— Pink Lace: vanilla musk, bergamot, jasmine, tonka bean, rose jam

— Pink Smoking Jacket: tobacco vanille, spiced honey & tonka, amber & oud, coriander



— Queen Bee: raw honey, lavender fields

— Queen of Tarts: lemon squares, pie crust, lemon poundcake



— Raspberry Beret: black raspberry vanilla, berry vanilla, fresh mint

— Rockford Peaches: fresh peach, orchid and pink amber, butterscotch marshmallow

— Roman Holiday: rose petal gelato, toasted pistachio



— Sakura Season: Japanese cherry blossoms, white tea, ginger

— Saturday Market: fresh flowers, green leaves, apples, sunshine

— Sawmill Peak Coffee: fraser fir, brazilian coffee, fresh cream

— Seaside: sea salt, ocean air, green vetiver, amber noir

— Shamrock Shake: mint syrup, whipped cream, vanilla ice cream

— She’s a Rainbow: lemon poundcake, saltwater taffy

— Sicilian Garden: rosemary, sage, blood orange

— Sleepyhead: lavender coconut milk, warm vanilla sugar

— Sleepyhead Laundry: lavender coconut milk, warm vanilla sugar, clothespins

— Snow White's Glass Coffin: rain, wild mint, sandalwood, white florals

— Springtime in the Garden: fresh cut lilac, blueberries, spring rain

— Starling: Kentish rain, black amber, lavender

— Strawberry Blonde: yellow cake, strawberries, coconut cream, vanilla frosting

— Summer Soiree: fresh peach, strawberries and champagne

— Sunday Morning: caramel macchicato, espresso beans, fresh baked cinnamon rolls

— Swan Song: rose jam, sugar crystals, vanilla, baby powder



— The Farmer's Daughter: goat's milk, golden honey, bergamot, vanilla musk, warm vanilla caramel

— The Kitchen Sink: butterscotch pudding, mac apple, cornflakes, marshmallow fluff

— The Love Witch: pink sugar, earl gray tea, angel food cake

— Tutti Frutti: strawberry guava, watermelon, honeydew melon

— The Wrote and the Writ: black pepper, bergamot, patchouli, vanilla



— Under the Tuscan Sun: Tuscan herbs, olive leaf, eucalyptus, Italian bergamot



— Velvet Kisses: black raspberry, burgundy rose, vanilla musk, bergamot

— Vintage Lace: bergamot, jasmine, tonka bean, vanilla



— Watermelon Mint Cooler: watermelon lemonade, mint, clementine



— Yours Truly: berries, cashmere, amber, heliotrope, vanilla cream





Single Notes


— 90's Girl: herbal essences shampoo

— Almond Macaron: crushed almonds, buttery dough, warm vanilla, spice



— Blueberry Cheesecake: juicy blueberries, cheesecake, graham crackers crust



— Cactus Flower and Jade: sweet agave, watery aloe, fresh-cut stems, chrysanthemum

— California Redwoods:  red apples, raspberries, coconut milk, cedar, redwoods, tonka

— Clementine and Mint: clementine, mint leaf, chamomile, agave nectar



— Earl Gray and Apple:



— Lemon Poundcake: fresh lemon, buttery cake, vanilla icing



— Maple Pancakes: fluffy pancakes, maple syrup, melted butter



— Paradise Pines: blue spruce, cedar & pine, cypress, moss

— Pistachio Macaron: sugared pistachio, amaretto, butter cookies, marzipan


— Salt Water Taffy: sweet candy, berries, citrus

— Saturday Morning Cartoons: fruit loops cereal, cold milk

— Sawmill Peak: fraser fir, amber, moss, fresh cut wood

— Snickerdoodle: cookie dough, cinnamon sugar, honey butter, creamy vanilla



— White Sage and Lavender: lavender, sage & rosemary, sandalwood, cedar