Scent Cups - Choose Your Scent

  • Scent Cups - Choose Your Scent
  • Scent Cups - Choose Your Scent

Size: 1.5oz scent cup

An assortment of scents to choose from in sample sized scent cups. These can be cut to size for your melter, and will yield 2-3 melts.

— A Rainy Day in Ireland: Irish green tweed, patchouli rain, mossen earth, ozone, sandalwood

— Aloha Weekend: pineapple punch, coconut lime verbena, bamboo and coconut

— Berry Bliss Cheesecake: blueberries, strawberries, dewberries, creamy cheesecake

— Binge Watch: hot popcorn, chocolate cake, melted butter

— Blue Moon: blueberry cheesecake, snickerdoodles

— Crunchberry Cupcake: lemon cake, marshmallows, crunch berry cereal

— Drift Away: lavender driftwood, cucumber water, melon

— English Country Walk: English gardens, country rain, fresh cut flowers

— Fluffy n' Fresh: fresh cotton towels, cashmere, vanilla

— Irish Goodbye: Irish cream, coco puffs, coffee bean ice cream

— Nampara Cove: black sea, spiced chestnut, golden amber, cardamom, clove

— Pineapple Tiki Whip: pineapple cilantro, gold rum, ocean breeze

— Queen Bee: raw honey, lavender fields

— Queen of Tarts: lemon squares, pie crust, lemon poundcake

— Roman Holiday: rose petal gelato, toasted pistachio

— Sakura Season: Japanese cherry blossoms, white tea, ginger

— Starling: kentish rain, black amber, lavender

— Swan Song: rose jam, sugar crystals, vanilla, baby powder

About our Melts
All melts are hand poured in small batches using a custom parasoy wax blend and high quality fragrances to fill your home with scent. Our melts are vegan and cruelty free. We use phthalate & paraben free fragrances and dyes. Many of the fragrance oils we use are infused with natural essential oils. Due to the handmade nature, there may be some variation in color and glitter/toppings from the pictured image.

Our melts are compatible with all types of wax melters, including Scentsy, bulb, hot plate, and tea light, although we recommend a hot plate for the strongest scent throw.